We are Friends - the first Cross Border Communication and friendship App for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


We need your donations to make the App free of charge for users.

»We are Friends« is currently in development and we expect to launch in early spring 2021. To support us, simply sign up and take part in our exciting journey. Get all the information about the upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign and be a part of our growing Community.

A Worldwide friendship App for your child.

“We are Friends” will become a Worldwide friendship App for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With this first Cross Border free Communication App, our users can now take ownership of their life and easily create friendships both locally and internationally. Find friends with common interests and communicate in a way that suits them by using video, pictures, speech or in writing. They can even use our preset emoji selection to describe how they feel. In the App the users will also be able to find life learning lessons, listen to interesting podcasts, watch videos, play games and solve puzzles and so much more.

With »We are Friends« we want to replace loneliness with communication, exercise, fun and learning - in a safe and secure way.

Your child is safe here.

With our unique referral and verification methods, we ensure the safety of our users. New users are approved through existing users, and the image verification of the sender provides recognition to the recipient. The safety of our users has our absolute highest priority. They are a vulnerable group and it is our most important task to take good care of them online.

The Gift as a Thank you

When you signup, we will send you a small gift as an appreciation. Signe, our founder, has written a guide for people with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities on how to safely share video and pictures on social media - the do's and don'ts. A good guide to stay safe online until the App is ready. This guide is also valuable for guardians, parents and relatives.

We have tested with a beta version in Denmark

Pretty soon we got over 800 users and they were impressively active. They talked together by video, audio and picture messages.
They showed pictures of their everyday life and their interests on their profile page. Here are 3 experiences, from our users,
about how the app has helped to benefit their lives positively.

They are just a small sample of how much making new friends can mean for your life if you are shy,
cannot get out very much or do not have a friend who shares your interest

*Because we take good care of our users' safety, the users here are anonymized with both name and pictures

Will be available on:

We are Friends, Inc. New Castle · Delaware · United States of America